Our Misson

Anti-Bullying Summits

We have construct a series of event projects and initiatives that will be focusing on recognizing bullying and  providing awareness anti bullying resolutions.

By creating a series of events on a consistent monthly to bi weekly basis.

We are able to develop a outlet of expression and environments where skills and best practices can be

shared amicably. Most importantly kids are able to express themselves with no blame or repercussions. 

Fashion Against Bullying Fashion Shows

Fashion Against Bullying Fashion Shows is a platform that is designed to provide a safe place where kids can share, recognize and express there experiences of bullying. The platform was created to stimulate the express of self in our kids. It is our duty to empower them as individuals to stand for whats right and be true to self.  Fashion Against Bullying Fashion Shows provides the center stage for our kids to present there talents and aspirations through Fashion, Performing Arts and Beauty . Fashion show performances are presented at the highest quality of presentation and delivers all the elements of a traditional Runway show. 

FABKids Community Outreach

Our mission is to build a network of community partners and sponsors driven on providing tangible

resources, ongoing platforms for expression and enrichment studies for our kids.

It is our responsibility at FABKids Events is to become a beacon of social awareness of bullying and anti bullying efforts to the Phoenix

Metro Area and migrating communities. To be a FABKid means that you are an ambassador for change!


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